Adv. Dr. K. Vijayan

Founder & Chairman Blue Mount Public School

Ideally located near Kumaran Asan National Institute of Culture (KANIC). Kumaranasan is a well-known social reformer; created awareness in people of freedom of mind and spirit and independence through his literacy works like “ChandalaBhikshuki” and “Karuna”. The school aims at producing students with a vision of harmony, peaceful co-existence and international understanding through character building and personality development. The school offers special Communicative English Programme. Teachers proficient in English handle classes from Kindergarten and the school has made communication in English compulsory. Our curriculum is designed to enable the senior students to handle the entrance examinations and other competitive examinations successfully. We are very proud of our students, around 3000 of them, and 210 members of staff who have done outstanding work to take the school to enviable position. Realising the importance of all-round development of students in this highly competitive world, the school has included, in addition to sports and games co-curricular activities like Karate, Roller skating, Kung Fu etc. to bring out the best in them. For the convenience of students the school has 31 buses plying in different routes. The school is aware that it has miles to go and heights to conquer. It keeps an open mind and hopes that the students and members of staff, with the help of the parents can make problems into possibilities and turn stumbling blocks into springboards to success.